Fibreglass Step Ladders

Fibreglass Step Ladders

Fibreglass Step Ladders  from Globe Ladders

If you’re looking for a durable ladder, or one that you can do electrical work with, then a fibreglass ladder is the right one for you. We are committed to bringing you a range of different types of fibreglass ladders so that you can do the job that you need to.

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The Benefits of Fibreglass Ladders

As an insulating material, fibreglass doesn’t conduct electricity, which gives it a distinct advantage over aluminium ladders for electrical work. Fibreglass ladders also have an advantage over wooden ladders as they are more durable, as well as practically flawless. Where a wooden ladder has the potential to rot, split or simply vary in strength throughout the beam, a fibreglass ladder is inherently strong and uniform even when exposed to moisture or sunlight. It is also flame resistant, unlike wooden ladders.

Fibreglass ladders are heavier than both wood and aluminium, so they aren’t suitable for lots of travel and can’t be used for long extension ladders.

Purchase Your Fibreglass Ladders With Us

Here at Globe Ladders we are proud to be able to offer you a range of different types and lengths of fibreglass ladders, from double sided steps to platform steps. So whatever your requirements, find the right ladder for the job with us today.

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