Fibreglass Platform Step Ladder Werner

from: £125.00 inc VAT

717 Series platform stepladder

The 717 Series platform stepladder is constructed using extremely durable, non conductive fibreglass rails that are highly resistant to weathering and is ideal for working round electricity  This range of Werner stepladders feature the  HolsterTop™ to keep tools organised. Other features include slip-resistant treads and EDGE bracing to help prevent rail damage. Approved to the latest EN131 standard. For Professional Use.

  • Heavy-duty steel platform for added strength – cycle tested to over 50,000 cycles using 150kgs
  • Non-conductive fibreglass stiles, ideal for working around electricity
  • High-performance HolsterTop™, with specially designed  tool and equipment holders
  • Slip-resistant tread profile for added strength and security
  • EDGE® moulded brace and foot pad combination provides enhanced bracing strength and protects the base tread from damage
  • Weather resistant fibreglass material – does not absorb moisture, corrode or rust
  • 150kg load capacity**
  • Approved to the latest EN131 Standard
  • For Professional Use
7170218        2 0.44M  5.6KG
7170318        3 0.69M  6.5KG
7170418        4 0.94M  8.4KG
7170518        5 1.17M  9.6KG
7170618        6 1.41M  11.0KG
7170818        8 1.87M  14.0KG
7171018       10 2.33M 16.9KG
7171218       12 2.80M 19.8KG