Little Giant King Kombo GRP Multi Ladder

from: £260.00 inc VAT

This Fibreglass King Kombo is the world’s first Industrial Fibreglass 3-in-1 Combination Ladder, it easily converts to an (Extension Ladder), (Leaning Ladder), or (Stepladder) all in one lightweight package.  The King Kombo comes complete with ultra-heavy-duty feet which double up as wall pads in the Extension Ladder mode offering superior traction which is ideal for industrial environments plus, its equipped with a unique retractable V-bar which gives a firm grip and offers a protective surface to prevent damage to areas such as paint and drywall surfaces when used in a Leaning Ladder mode, the V-bar also spans vertical stud sections allowing stability in the Leaning Ladder mode.  The V-Bar, because of its shape, can also be used on external or internal corners which makes this product stand out from its competition.  The new palm buttons on the side of the product, when operated, quickly releases the hinge to allow the rear section to be positioned in any of the three modes, this quick-release button saves time and makes the process of changing between modes simple and easy to use.  Manufactured from Fibreglass/Aluminium, this product is ideal when working around electrical environments making this an all-round product for the tradesman and professional DIY enthusiast.

The King Kombo Ladder, when used in the Stepladder/Ladder mode, has the added benefit of (Ground Cue) this is an audible signal that sounds when the operator reaches the last tread.  Around 20% of stepladder injuries happen when the user does not realise they have reached the bottom tread while descending the ladder resulting in numerous injuries such as sprained ankles, knee injuries etc, the audible sound signals the operator that they have reached the bottom step.


  • Ultra-heavy-duty feet with superior traction for additional safety 
  • Tough corner, pole and stud gripping V-bar for the extension ladder position
  • Heavy-duty grip conforms to inside and outside corners and even offers protection for damageable leaning surfaces such as paint, drywall and stucco
  • Patent-pending non-conductive Hi-Viz green fiberglass makes the ladder more noticeable
  • Wide-flared base footprint offers superior side-tip stability
  • Straight swing back section allows operators to access tight workspaces between stud gaps, ceiling trusses and attic access ports
  • This ladder brings speed, power and safety to any job with palm buttons for easy adjustment
  • Ground Cue audible sound to increase safety when descending the ladder.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Max load 150kg
1303-205         5       1.5M     2.6M            0.9M   9
1303-206        6       1.8M     3.0M            1.2M  9.9
1303-208        8        2.4M     4.2M            1.8M  12.8