Professional Construction Workers Kit

£146.00 inc VAT

Includes all the components for a safe fall protection system in a variety of environments for a range of applications 

Suitable for operators / users of :

Flat Roofs                                                     Fragile Surfaces

Scaffold Systems                                        Construction Site Steel Work

Exposed Edges

Designed to enhance safety performance and productivity Quick and easy way to attach fall areest equipment around beam and other permanent structures

Kit Contains :  

Two Point Universal Harness (79206) : –  Designed to ensure maximum safety and comfort during use. Suitable for Rope Lifeline Fall Arrest and Work Restraint Systems  certified to EN361:2002

  • Fully Adjustable chest,shoulder and leg straps for a comfortable fit
  • Sub-Pelvic strap reduces suspension trauma and provides additional support and comfort in the event of a fall
  • Plated dorsal D-ring rear anchor point with adjustable heavy-duty back plate to protect wearer against impact from sharp/heavy snap hooks and self retracting lifelines
  • Front anchor loops to enable connection with front facing rope lifeline systems and rescue systems 
  • Unisex,universal size harness 

Self Retracting Life line – Provides a safe,reliable protection for workers whilst also allowing more freedom of movement around the job site    certified  EN360:2002

  • 2.5m length for easy freedom of movement around job site
  • Ergonomic and secure snap hook connector with double action locking system
  • Fully automatic retractable webbing eliminates trip hazards with integrated shock absorbing fall arrest system to self lock in case of fall
  • Impact resistant plastic housing with swivel top 360 degree work zone 
  • Brake system activates in the event of a fall stopping the worker in a short distance 
  • 1.5m Anchorage Sling (79211)  – Designed to provide an anchorage point around beams and other permanent structures where other means of attachment is not possible.certified EN795:2012-B

    • Adapts to a wide range of anchorage points 
    • Made from 20mm wide polyester webbing
    • Ultra- resistant to straps
    • Static strength 18Kn

       Steel Karabiner

    •   with a screw-lock system for extra security 

      Storage Bucket