Laddermate Safety System

£92.50 inc VAT

The easy to use ‘Laddermate’ is assembled in seconds and offers the user peace.


LadderMate is an innovative ladder safety product used by many of the world’s leading companies who use access equipment.

Simple in design, inexpensive, but incredibly safe, it has been responsible for avoiding many accidents, some of which could have been fatal.

LadderMate attaches easily and quickly to the base of your ladder and prevents the ladder sliding down the wall. As you can see by the 2nd picture (shown above),  the ladder is still perfectly safe even when wheels are attached to the bottom of the stiles!

The easy to use LadderMate is assembled in seconds and offers the user peace of mind that a safer working environment has been created in which to work.

LadderMate as well as ensuring the correct ladder angle, enhances sideways stability, reduces ladder bounce and stops outward ladder slip.