Fibreglass Extension Ladders

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Murdoch GRP extension ladders are industrial quality ladders manufactured from fibreglass to the highest standards, fully conforming to the EN131 professional safety standard for your assurance of quality, and fitted with wall wheels as standard making extension easy. This range of double and triple extension ladders are manufactured in heavy-duty fibreglass ensuring maximum insulation for use in live electrical environments and feature comfortable wide anti-slip rungs spaced 300mm apart, while each ladder sports a retractable base stabilizer bar which gives added lateral stability in use, while closing easily for storage and transport. A lighting collar accessory is available for simple retrofitting to the top of this range of ladders if required.




Max ladder width 490mm – Comfortable footing
Top section comes with wall wheels as standard
Manufactured from top quality box section fibreglass to be used in electrical/chemical environments
300mm rung spacing
Tested to 1500V DC
Comfortable, wide rungs with 30mm rung depth and anti-slip surface
Rungs installed into stiles with composite insert to avoid wear and tear
Retractable stabiliser bar for easy transport/storage
EN131 Professional

A39W6225NEW 2 X 7 Rung 2.40M
A39W6230NEW 2 x 9 Rung 3.00M
A39W6235NEW 2 x 11 Rung 3.60M
A39W6240NEW 2 x 12 Rung 3.90M
A39W6325NEW 3 x 7 Rung 2.40M
A39W6330NEW 3 x 9 Rung 3.00M
A39W6335NEW 3 x 11 Rung 3.60M