Conservatory Ladder Professional

£745.00 inc VAT

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For safe, easy access to conservatory roofs, this purpose made professional ladder will handle the job with ease. (7-10 day delivery)

Adjustable to suit a range of conservatory eaves heights between 2.2m and 3.1m, the double extension base section is fitted with solid rubber swivel feet and secured in position with a glazing suction pad and webbing strap for the ultimate in safety.

This professional conservatory ladder isn’t going anywhere! The top section is easily adjusted to suit any roof pitch and is fitted with dual aluminium handrails for user safety and confidence when working on the roof.

This top section is fitted with 1000mm wide aluminium bearers to span your roofs glazing bars meaning no load is ever transferred to the delicate roof sheets.

These strong bearers are coated with a white, non-marking PVC sleeve to ensure your white conservatory stays white.

  • Adjustable main ladder suitable for eaves heights from 2.2M to 3.1M.
  • Designed for single user tasks by installers & maintenance personnel.
  • Top outrigger easily adjusts to suit roof angle.
  • 1.0m long bearer bars fitted with non-marking white PVC sleeves.
  • Supplied with glazing suction pad and webbing strap to secure base ladder section.
  • 175KG* Maximum Permissible Load.