Towers & Platforms

Towers & Platforms

Hop Ups and Work Platforms from Globe Ladders

If you’re looking for something so you can work a little higher off the ground, for those odd jobs and places you can’t quite reach, browse our range of hop ups and work platforms. These Towers & Platforms for Sale will make life just that little bit easier when you’re confronted with those hard-to-reach places.

Take a look at our hop ups and work platforms today.

Aluminium and Timber Hop Ups

Whether you’re in the trade or you just want something to help you reach the light bulb at home, we have hop ups and work platforms suitable for both professional and domestic use. We have a range of different sizes available and our aluminium platforms will fold up easily for efficient upright storage.

We have a range of the most trusted ladder manufacturer brands too, including the innovative Youngman.

The use of timber for hop ups means that they are more durable and are therefore suitable for heavier work. They are suitable for a whole range of trades, but specifically for electrical work as they do not conduct electricity.

Order Your Work Platform Today

Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s something for your home or your trade, make sure that you get the right work platform or hop up for your needs with Globe Ladders. Buy top branded towers & platforms. Hop-ups, work platforms, podium steps, mobile, folding towers. Free next day delivery UK mainland. Call: 0121 440 6636

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