Scaffolding Towers

Scaffolding Towers

What Scaffolding Does First off, scaffold towers are a way to work safely at heights above what you can reach.

Simple explanation, but really, that’s all they are at the most basic level. Scaffold towers and scaffolding have been used all over the world, in many different cultures, for thousands of years to build some of the greatest buildings in mankind’s history, including the world’s tallest building.

Attached to the buildings themselves, scaffolding can reach great heights. Scaffold towers are also used inside buildings for both construction and reconstruction. Rolling scaffold towers are often used inside buildings and even outside buildings if the surface permits it. Basic Materials of Scaffold Towers One of the beauties of scaffold towers is their ability to adapt to the needs of the individual user. There are really only three basic materials used when building scaffold towers: tubes or pipes, couplers and boards.

That’s it. The couplers are used to join the tubes together, while the boards are used for the workers to stand, sit, walk, or lie on in addition to holding materials used in the building or restoration of the project. Additional materials used, although not as extensively, are ladders, base plates, wheels, ropes, sheeting, etc. Tubes used for scaffold towers are made of either steel or aluminum. Aluminum has some advantage due to its lighter weight and flexibility.

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