Zarges Sherpascopic Work Platform

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Sherpascopic, the convenient height-adjustable work platform available in 2 sizes.



NEW Sherpascopic height-adjustable work platform

The Sherpascopic Work Platform has been identified as a suitable alternative to a step ladder in line with the Work at Height Regulations that came into force in 2004.

  • New platform - the platform\'s new anti-cut design significantly reduces the risk of injury when handling the product
  • New guardrail - the new guardrail system includes an automatically closing gate, providing the user with 360° protection from falls
  • New telescopic system - height adjustment for the new Sherpascopic is based on a gravity latch located at the level of the users hands; replacing the previous ‘twist and lock’ method; the new system is easier to reach and more intuitive to use.
  • New stabilisers - the new stabiliser legs feature a telescopic mechanism that allows them to be used on uneven surfaces; when opened the stabilisers face inwards towards the platform thus optimising its stability during use.
    Plus the standard features
  • Large-area work platform 600 x 420 mm.
  • Compact dimensions when folded, therefore easy to transport and store.
  • Replaceable 2-component plastic end caps ensure positioning without risk of slipping.
  • Prevention of toppling from the front, rear and sides
  • Standard: NF P93-352 certified

Technical Specification

Code No Closed Size (m) Plat Height (m) Working Height,  Max. (m) No. of  rungs  Width (m) Depth (m) Weight (kg)
2272/251 2.44 1.06 to 1.53 3.06 to 3.53 4 to 6 1.35 to 1.90 1.60 to 1.97 26.1
2272/252 3.20 1.76 to 2.23 3.76 to 4.23 7 to 9 2.05 to 2.70 2.15 to 2.51 31.2

Zarges Sherpascopic Work Platform

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