Zarges PAX Tower 7.6m Working Height 5.6m Platform Height

£2,200.00 inc VAT

This is the PAX-Tower 7.6m Working Height kit  ( 7.6m working height – 5.60m Platform Height )

( Working height is the height you can comfortably reach while standing on the platform )

Pax towers are 0.85m wide and 1.8m long and are available as modular kits ranging between 0.6m platform height to 5.6m platform height. With a platform height of 5.6m, this PAXTower 3T kit is a versatile system designed for professionals. The one-piece fold-out snap-frame is quick and easy to set up and provides a sturdy tower base for building the tower using the safe 3T (thru-the-trap) build method. This Through the Trapdoor (3T) tower fully complies to the latest EN1004 safety standard.

This professional tower system comes complete with 3 platforms, guardrails, toeboards, adjustable legs and 4 stabilisers and includes a stabiliser extension kit required to convert standard stabilisers to the larger size with ease.. Built for quick and safe assembly, PAXTowers fully comply to the latest EN1004 safety standard.


  • Platform Height 5.60m
  • Safe Working Height 7.6m
  • Through the Trapdoor (3T) build method – constructed using a strong bracing system, this tower can be assembled using the trapdoor of the platform
  • Quick and safe assembly with 2m build intervals between each tower size
  • Compact dimensions – easy to transport and store
  • Large platform with guardrails for 360-degree protection whilst working
  • 4 Large tough nylon fully braked wheels & adjustable legs
  • Supplied complete with 3 trapdoor platform units, toeboards, guardrails, adjustable legs and 4 extending stabilisers. 
  • Innovative toeboard system with no clips – removes the need for toeboard clips reducing the number of loose components
  • Safe working load of 208kg per platform
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Complies fully with the latest EN1004 safety standard




Zarges PAX Tower 5.6m Platform Height (3T)



Platform Height


Safe Working Height


Platform Length


Platform Width


Overall Height


Footprint (stabilisers removed)

1.8m x 0.85m

Maximum Load

208kg per platform