Zarges PAX Tower 3.6m Platform Height 5.6m Working Height

£1,620.00 inc VAT

This is the PAX-Tower 5.6m Working Height kit  ( 5.6m working height – 3.60m Platform Height )

( Working height is the height you can comfortably reach while standing on the platform )

Pax towers are 0.85m wide and 1.8m long and are available as modular kits ranging between 0.6m platform height to 5.6m platform height. With a platform height of 3.6m, this PAXTower 3T kit is a versatile system designed for professionals. The one-piece fold-out snap-frame is quick and easy to set up and provides a sturdy tower base for building the tower using the safe 3T (thru-the-trap) build method. This Through the Trapdoor (3T) tower fully complies to the latest EN1004 safety standard.

This professional tower system comes complete with 2 platforms, guardrails, toeboards, adjustable legs and 4 stabilisers. This tower system is designed to be increased in 2m build intervals by the addition of modular packs as your future needs dictate. Built for quick and safe assembly, PAXTowers fully comply to the latest EN1004 safety standard.


  • Platform Height 3.60m
  • Safe Working Height 5.6m
  • Through the Trapdoor (3T) build method – constructed using a strong bracing system, this tower can be assembled using the trapdoor of the platform
  • Quick and safe assembly with 2m build intervals between each tower size
  • Compact dimensions – easy to transport and store
  • Large platform with guardrails for 360-degree protection whilst working
  • 4 Large tough nylon fully braked wheels & adjustable legs
  • Supplied complete with trapdoor platform unit, toeboards, guardrails, adjustable legs and 4 stabilisers.
  • Innovative toeboard system with no clips – removes the need for toeboard clips reducing the number of loose components
  • Safe working load of 208kg per platform
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Complies fully with the latest EN1004 safety standard




Zarges PAX Tower 3.6m Platform Height (3T)



Platform Height


Safe Working Height


Platform Length


Platform Width


Overall Height


Footprint (stabilisers removed)

1.8m x 0.85m

Maximum Load

208kg per platform