Narrow Aisle Steel Warehouse Steps

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Narrow aisle mobile steps

Our range of fully welded narrow aisle mobile steps offer a range of sizes between 3 and 8 treads Their heavy duty steel construction makes them suitable for all commercial, retail, construction, office, warehouse Tread width is 450mm x 200mm deep and the top platform is 450mm wide x 400mm deep. Double handrails, kick plates ,central anti-ascent lever to lower and raise the front mounted castors, with rubber tired axle mounted wheels at the back. Just some of the features that tick all the boxes when it comes to Health & safety in the workplace.

  • Fully welded, steel construction
  • Punched Raised Metal Treads Or Gripper
  • 450mm wide treads as standard
  • Central anti ascent break
  • 150kg safe working load
  • Epoxy Powder Coated Finish
  • Easy to manouvre
  • Tread size throughout this range is 450mm x 200mm and the top platform is 450mm wide x 400mm deep but can be increased.
NA2 2 500mm 1500mm X 750mm X 735mm 20
NA3 3 750mm 1750mm X 750mm X 835mm 30
NA4 4 1000mm 2000mm X 750mm X 920mm 42
NA5 5 1250mm 2250mm X 780mm X 1150mm 55
NA6 6 1500mm 2500mm X 780mm X 1360mm 60
NA7 7 1750mm 2750mm X 780mm X 1510mm 70
NA8 8 2000mm 3000mm x 780mm x 1580mm 80