Minimax Tower Youngman (1.7M Platform Height 3.7m working Height )

£1,450.00 inc VAT

The Youngman Minimax is a versatile tower system that can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Youngman Minimax Tower

It is a lightweight access system that is easy to transport and store. Perfect for use inside and out, MiniMax will fit easily through standard doorways and corridors.

Designed with ease of assembly in mind, MiniMax can be easily erected by one person in a quick, two-stage assembly process. Although the towers are entirely mobile, locking castors give added security and peace of mind.

Manufactured from high-grade aluminium and certified to HD 1004 Class 3, MiniMax components snap easily into place to form the base unit which has a working height of 2.9 metres (up to 3.7 metres with guardrails).

By adding extra stages, MiniMax can have a platform height of 5.8m and safe working height of 7.8 metres. The units are safe to climb with 260 mm rung spacings.

  • Mobile and compact, easy to transport
  • Range of heights available through additional ‘add-on’ packs
  • Instant assembly with fold-out frame
  • Snap/click fittings for easy assembly
  • Platform Height  1.7m
  • Working Height 3.7m

This tower includes the following packs:

  • 1 x Base Pack which consists of 1 x Folding Base Frame, 1 x Trapdoor Platform,  4 x Castors
  • 1 x Guardrail Pack which consists of 2 x Guard Rail Frames,  1 x Diagonal Brace,  5 x Horizontal Braces,  4 x Interlocking Clips
  • 4 x stabilisers
  • Ttoeboard set