Lyte Double Extending Aluminium Roof Ladders

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Lyte Double Extending Roof Ladder, available in 4 different sizes. This product is designed for trade use.

This product is designed for trade use and manufactured to take more wear and tear then domestic products.

They are design for occasional to frequent use and are suitable for trade environments.However, the heavy duty ridge hook allows more frequent use of the ladder in these situations.

  • Lightweight but combines the strength of a trade ladder with a heavy duty ridge hook.
  • Industrial non-slip rungs & box section stiles
  • Rubber covered bearer bars distribute the weight evenly preventing damage to roof
  • Double sections fitted with safety catches

Please Note the wheels may vary from the illustration shown

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TRL230  2.94m  4.64m  11+9  14kg
TRL235 3.44m 5.64m 13+11 16kg
TRL240 3.94m 6.64m 15+13 18kg
TRL245 4.30m 7.67m 17+15 20kg