Ladder Inspection Tag

£6.00 inc VAT

It is important that Ladders, Steps and Towers are regularily inspected to ensure that equipment is safe and fit for purpose.

Durable, flexible and easy to use Ladder Inspection Tag

The Globe Inspection Tagging System is designed to provide the assurance that equipment is being properly inspected and maintained.

Globe Safety Inspection Tags can be used on all equipment where there is a legal requirement to have the item inspected on a regular basis – this includes ladders, steps and towers.

Globe Inspection Tags provide a simple visual check of an item of equipment’s last inspection date and next due inspection date.

If equipment fails to pass an inspection then it can be immediately identified and marked as unfit for purpose by flipping the Globe Tag to show the reverse side marked in bright red “Do Not Use This Equipment”.

The Inspection Tag Status can then be clearly displayed on the equipment within the Globe Tag Holder which clips shut and securely holds the Inspection Tag in place.

  • Weather resistant tags for recording when equipment has been inspected for any damage, faults or wear
  • This will ensure staff are using equipment which is in a suitable condition

This price is for one Inspection Tag Holder and Insert priced at £3.50 or we offer packs of 10 Inspection Tag Holders complete with 10 inserts for £25.00 (Also in our accessories section).