Aluminum Single Ladder EN131 Professional

from: £60.00 inc VAT

A lightweight single section aluminium ladder EN131

Square rungs allowing the ladder to be used at various angles or even to be wall mounted

3.22m and above have stabiliser bar

  • Available in an extensive range of sizes
  • Strong welded aluminium rungs
  • Sturdy aluminium stiles  25mm x 58mm
  • Wide horizontal stabiliser bar fitted with rubber caps (3.22M and above )
  • Anti slip ribbed rungs  28mm
  • ladder width 410mm
  • maximum load 150KG
CODE NO Rungs Ladder Length Weight
DP6 6 1.60M 2.6kg
DP7 7 1.89M 3.1KG
DP8 8 2.16M 3.5KG
DP9 9 2.40M 4.1KG
DP10 10 2.69M 4.5KG
DP11 11 2.95M 5.0kg
DP12* 12 3.22M 6.7kg
DP13* 13 3.47M 7.2kg
DP14* 14 3.75M 7.7kg
DP15* 15 4.03M 8.1kg
DP16* 16 4.28M 8.5kg

* complete with base stabiliser