Little Giant Conquest All-Terrain PRO Multi-purpose Ladder

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Product Description

The Little Giant® Conquest All-Terrain™ PRO is the ladder. The only ladder you’ll likely ever need to buy! With built-in side-mounted stabilising legs that work on uneven ground and a swivel foot that easily handles flat or soft ground. That’s all at the bottom of the ladder. The top has new safety features, including the side-mounted SafetyRails, for use as walkthrough rails to get up and onto a roof, for example, or switch to use the Safety Rails as a wide ladder standoff significantly increasing stability at the top.

The Conquest All-Terrain PRO is brand new to the UK market and is our most comprehensive ladder system yet. Designed for use by technical teams working in demanding situations, including Telecoms, Power Networks, and home users who require the best from their equipment. The latest multi-purpose ladder from Little Giant compliant to the recent change in ladder standards to EN131-4:2020.

The Tip & Glide™ wheels help you move the ladder quickly from job to job. Like all Little Giant Ladders, the Conquest PRO enables you to work swiftly and effectively in multiple positions. Use the Conquest PRO in the stepladder, extension, staircase, 90-degree depending on the needs of the job. The inner and outer ladder stile assemblies separate to form two trestles for a time-saving scaffolding system, which an optional telescopic plank helps you achieve.

Little Giant make the most sophisticated multi-use ladder systems in the world.


  • Side-mounted levellers for use on uneven ground
  • Rapid-Locks™ make adjusting your ladder quick and easy
  • Heavy-wall military grade construction
  • Tip & Glide wheels for easy transport
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 150kg Work Load Capacity
  • EN131-4

Palm Buttons

Move from storage to A-frame to extension ladder configurations by pushing the ladder’s palm buttons.

Rapid Locks

Gently twist the Rapid Locks, and then slide the stiles of the ladder to the desired size. Twist the Rapid Lock once more to lock the ladder stiles in place.

Side-Mounted Stabiliser Bars

New to the UK, side-mounted stabiliser bars are independent of each other, so can be used to level the ladder on uneven ground.

1304-034        4  2.7M – 4.6M   1.4M – 2.3M   0.69M  1.0M – 1.6M   19.6KG
1304-035        5  3.3M – 5.8M   1.7M – 2.9M   0.76M  1.2M – 1.9M   23.2KG
1304-036        6  3.9M – 7.0M   2.0M – 3.5M   0.84M  1.4M – 2.3M   28.0KG