Loft Ladders

Loft Ladders provide access to the loft of the house which is a room in the actual roof of the house sitting above the second floor of a house. Loft ladders can be made of various materials example of these are aluminium, wood and steel. Loft ladders can be found in various designs concertina, folding, sliding and telescopic. They can come in many sizes depending on the height of the loft from the ground and the type of entrance to the room. They are usually attached to the loft door so that when the door is closed they fold in avoiding obstruction in the passageway below.

Loft ladders have seen a recent surge in popularity over recent years because of the rising in demand in loft conversions. Many homeowners have decided to transform the loft or attic into extra rooms either to create more space in the home or to increase the value of a property. The benefit of a loft ladder is that it perfectly assists the developer’s aim of achieving these goals by folding away taking minimum space and lessening any damage caused by daily grind wear and tear can cause. The ladders leave no unsightly object in the way of guests or potential buyers to the home. The ladders also provide a cheaper, more adaptable solution to stairs and are also less time consuming to fit and readjust or touch up if ever necessary.

Loft ladders are not just limited for access to the loft or attic. Many public offices and larger buildings are installing them to gain access to roofs and high openings that would otherwise prove too costly spatially and financially to install stairs. This means many businesses can offer delightful views and maximise use of premises often for financial gain.

If you would like to find how loft ladders could help you make the most of your home and advice on the type of product would be right for you please don’t hesitate to contact our experts at Globe Ladders Ltd by telephone 0121 440 6636 fax 0121 440 5475 or email us at where we will be able to recommend quality products through honest advice.


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