Timber ladders

Timber ladders are wooden ladders that are known for being hard wearing and strong this means that they are ideal for use by builders and electricians working within an industrial setting as they can cope with the pressure heavy duty loads being run up and down them can cause.

These ladders are resistant and reliable and have been used for centuries because of the products durability. Due to the constant redevelopment in the design of these ladders and new technology timber ladders now can be considered rot proof thus meaning they can be stored in garages and used outside and generally used outside without cause for concern. This combined with there notoriety for being hard wearing timber ladders are generally used on building sites or by electricians for work it is also possible for them to crafted so they can be extended making even the greatest heights possible to get to. They can also prove to be comfortable due to the fact the rungs can be sanded down to provide a flatter surface for the foot to balance on. This is extremely important in an industrial environment in which the pace is fast and workload heavy.

Ladders are made up of rungs or step’s which enable the user to climb by placing their feet between each rung to vertically gain access to either a place or object that would at human height be considered too high to reach. Particularly if expected to build to the BS1129 class1 industry standard. This shows the importance of ladders to every practical trade in the country this is because they can be erected and taken down quickly. They are low cost because they can be used more then once and are not reliant on any other source of energy.

Timber ladders are not just resigned to industry they can also be used as to give access to loft conversions, attics and basements. They are a popular choice because of the longevity and appearance. The reason for this is that the wood used for timber ladders in the home can be adapted by colour or selected by type to match its surroundings without costing a lot of money or as in industry time.

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