Aluminium Wide Step Ladder

Looking for a Aluminium Wide Step Ladder available to buy online? When you’re looking for a specific aluminium ladder, why not come to Globe Ladders? Here you can search for the type of ladder you need and find exactly what you want. If you’re unsure of which ladder would suit the job you need to do, why not browse all the aluminium ladders that we have in stock?

Aluminium wide step ladders are fantastic for smaller DIY jobs around the house, or for reaching high places in the home. The wide steps on these types of ladders make them safer for you to use. These ladders also come with a handle for extra stability and security and also feature a tread pattern on the steps for extra grip. You might also want to consider an aluminium step ladder for use in your small business or shop. A step ladder can often offer better stability compared to traditional ladders, so is therefore very useful in terms of health and safety.

If you want to buy a Aluminium Wide Step Ladder online, come to Globe Ladders to get the best price. For more information please call us on 0121 4406636, send us a fax on 0121 4405475 or email


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