Class 1 Aluminium Ladders

Class 1 Aluminium Ladders are specially designed for use in industrial situations. Class 1 ladders are used for heavy use and can cope with the loads, knocks and bumps that happen every day when working in an industrial environment. A class 1 ladder must pass stringent testing to be called class one – it must confirm to the British Standard BS2037 which confirms that the ladder will be safe to use for industrial applications.

If you work in industry and you are looking for a suitable ladder, why not visit the Globe Ladders website? We have a range of ladder available for industrial uses and you can choose from different ladder lengths and sizes. Simply browse the website for more information about our aluminium ladders – you are sure to find a ladder that suits your requirements.

Class 1 Aluminium Ladders are available online from Globe Ladders. At our online ladder store you will be able to find DIY ladders, trade ladders, professional ladders and more. For more information please call us on 0121 4406636, send us a fax on 0121 4405475 or email We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


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