DIY Aluminium Ladders

DIY Aluminium Ladders are suitable for use at home or in the garden. If you like to undertake your own DIY projects, or you are a keen gardener, it is advisable to invest in an aluminium safety ladder that is sturdy enough to support your weight properly. If you are using the correct type of ladder, it means that you can avoid accidents and you will be reassured that you will be safe. Ladder safety is very important to Globe Ladders, which is why we offer a wide selection of safety ladders at affordable prices. We also offer ladder safety training so that you can learn how to use a ladder correctly.

The most common types of ladders that are used for DIY include the sturdy A-frame ladder and aluminium extending ladders. These domestic ladders are available in a variety of lengths, from compact 7ft ladders to tall 11ft ladders.

DIY Aluminium Ladders are available from Globe Ladders. We specialise in ladders, so that you can find the right ladder to suit your requirements. You can purchase many types of ladders from our online shop. Our full range of ladders includes; aluminium steps, aluminium combination ladders, garden ladders, loft ladders, telescopic ladders and timber ladders. For more information please call us on 0121 440 6636, or email


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