laddersladders are objects which are used to provide access vertically to areas which would be otherwise unreachable. Ladders are made up of rungs or steps that enable the user to climb up by foot. They are often leaned up against a wall so that they balance although some are dropped down from a surface above. The only exception being step ladders which are able to stand up alone.

Four commonly known and used types of ladder are loft ladders, aluminium ladders, timber ladders and fibreglass ladders. These different ladders are used for different functions based on resilience size and even in some cases appearance when for the home. Traditionally the main users of ladders have been tradesmen such as builders, electricians, painters and decorators not to forget window cleaners mainly due to the long lasting strength of products such as aluminium and timber ladders. However the introduction of fibreglass shops warehouses and factories all seem to reap the rewards ladders can provide through the easy storage and mobility ladders offer without proving costly.

Breaking away from tradition there has also been a rise of public spending on ladders for the home because of both the cost and space effective finishing touch they bring to loft conversions. Loft ladders are proving a quick easy low cost and fashionable alternative to accessing rooms in the house that were previously to high to access.

Designers are now using modern technology and methods to make ladders safer than ever by creating rungs that are harder to slip on, rolling ladders, third legs for comfort and electronic ladders for easier use in the home. They are not only using new ideas and inventions for safety and usage reasons but to make the ladder more mobile and easier to store for example there are a variety of ladders which fold so that they can be kept in prime condition ensuring maximum use. Thus ensuring the ladder will be relied upon for a very long time.

If you would like to find out more about various types of ladders available for purchase and the type most suited to you please get in contact with a member of our helpful and highly trained team by calling 0121 440 6636 or send a fax us on 0121 4405475. We can also be contacted at for more information.


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